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Getting to know you!

Hi, my name is Chris Pope and I'm with C & C Learning Supports. I want to take a moment just to introduce myself to you, because, hopefully, you're going to be spending time checking out our website, our blogs, our resources, things that we are putting in place specifically to better equip you to help those that are the closest to you, your children. And so, just a little bit about myself. I've been a teacher for several years working in the Pasco School District. I've taught both gen ed and special ed. Loved both. However, my heartbeat is really working with those students that seem to have just some learning struggles, not even necessarily disabilities, but learning struggles, and then being able to work with teachers and work with parents to find the strengths and the talents, even the weaknesses of the student. Because it gives us so much insight in how to better support them to be able to achieve their academic goals. There is nothing like having a student who struggles and feeling defeated turn that around, and to be encouraged and to feel like they're accomplishing something.

My desire with C & C Learning Supports is to partner with you, the parent, as you work with your child, and we do that through a number of avenues. We have testing that we can do if you are interested in a [inaudible 00:01:22] educational evaluation where we look at the potential for learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD, behavioral struggles and then working with you to be able to find solutions and how you can better support your child so that that doesn't become more of a burden in their education. We also provide tutoring, and we've got tutors on hand that are willing to do virtual sessions as well as in person sessions. Our desire, really and truly, is to be a partner with you, the parent, and to help provide your child with a soft place to land in their educational journey.

It's extremely important and hits close to home for me as a father of four children with one more on the way. This is something that my wife and I are extremely passionate about, and we saw it within our own child, just some struggles with attention. And through the help and the intervention that we've received with him and provided him, just the turnaround that it's had in his life, which really did, for me, drive me to pursue this.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, if there's any way that we can support you, check us out at Looking forward to chatting with you.

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