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C&C Learning Supports is here for you!

C & C Learning Supports exists to offer academic assistance for children and their families in education consulting, academic assessment, tutoring and much more.  Our specialized staff partners with all parents and children; whether your child is enrolled in public or private education or you are a homeschooling parent, concerns about your child's academic progress can be daunting.  We work with parents and children who struggle to learn by providing aid in kind, fun, creative, and research-based ways.

Unfortunately, due ethical obligations and potential professional conflicts, we are unable to serve Pasco School District families and students at this time.

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NEW- Dyslexia Risk Screener

If your child is in need of a dyslexia risk screener, reach out for a no obligation inquiry to see what supports can be put in place to help your children find the help they need. 

Our assessments are research based and developed by the nations leading dyslexia specialists.

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What we can do for you...

We are dedicated to partnering with families, children, community and educational organizations and institutions. Contact us for a no obligation inquiry if you would like more information.

Direct Services

Cognitive Assessments
Academic Assessments
Social/Emotional/Behavior Assessments
Speech/Communication Assessments
Learning Plan Development and Review
SPED Parent Advocacy

Community & Education Consultation

MTSS- Special Education Focus
Individual Program Design
Group Program Design
Compression Planing
Independent Educational Evaluation

Community & Education Training

Behavior Specific Strategies & Interventions
Academic Strategies & Interventions
Executive Functioning
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Evaluation & IEP Development
Functional Beahvior Assessments
Data Collection

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Our Mission

Child centered...children first!

C&C Learning Supports, LLC, an educational service and consulting company launched just before the COVID-19 school closure, has adapted it’s offerings to help meet the needs of struggling learners during a time when not all of the pieces fit together the way families and schools planned.  C&C Learning Supports, LLC exists to offer direct services for families and children as well as consultation and training for public and private educational institutions and community organizations.  We partner with parents and organizations who have, or work with, children who struggle to learn by providing assistance in kind, fun, creative, and research-based ways.

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C & C Learning Supports was an incredible asset to my family as we attempted to wade through the public school IEP system. They administered reading level and fluency tests to my son in order to personally evaluate his strengths and weaknesses before recommending to have him tested for an IEP. They helped me draft my letter to the school, accompanied me to each of the meetings and coached me through the conversation, and finally compiled and explained all the test results in an accessible form. I particularly appreciated how C & C Learning Supports broke down each of my child’s cognitive challenges into distinct areas of impact and helped me identify effective strategies for each. They then provided me with a number of helpful resources to use at home. Beyond their professionalism, they were also encouraging. They were quick to focus on my son’s strengths, which was reassuring to my mother’s heart. I cannot praise them enough for their service to my family.

Kendra S.

They have been absolutely amazing in our journey with our son. Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia two years ago. Last year he was diagnosed with Tourette’s. I am homeschooling through a public school program and am frustrated with how they are bullying me. They not only helped me with navigating my rights as a mom/teacher but has also helped me by attending his IEP meeting. They made sure during the meeting that the district did the right testing etc. They have also been supportive through a family crisis in regards as to how to juggle the testing etc. I highly recommend C & C Learning Supports. They are such a support, very knowledgeable and very professional.

Bitsy Z.

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Feel free to contact us today for a no obligation inquiry into how we could assist you. 

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